Saturday in the Park

Saturday in the Park is a series of programs designed to educate the visiting public at Moundville Archaeological Park about the life ways of the Mississippian Indians who once inhabited the Moundville site. The majority of these programs are free with paid park admission. Check at museum or admission building for details, or call 205-371-8732. Most programs run from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm


229_Archeo Camp_July 10 to 14 2006Southeastern Indian Pottery: April 5th

Learn about Native American pottery making in our area since prehistoric times. Park educator, Betsy Irwin, demonstrates how pots were made using a variety of techniques. Kids can reconstruct a broken pot like an archaeologist and match the decorations on ancient pottery fragments with the tools that could have made them.


This season’s Saturday in the Park was made possible by a private donation from one of our supporters. All programs listed above, including hands-on make and take activities, are included as part of the park’s admission fee. For more information contact the park’s education office at 205-371-8732. Persons interested in making donations to Saturday in the Park or other University of Alabama Museum programs can contact Kelli Harris at