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Welcome to the Edward T. Douglass Nature Trail

The trail winds through one-half mile of scenic Alabama woodlands. Experience the natural history of this part of Moundville Archaeological Park along this meandering boardwalk.

Here you will find traces of a thousand years of human activity at Moundville. Beginning about A.D. 1000, the Mississippian Indians cleared the site and began building the mounds. Moundville reached its peak of activity and population around A.D. 1300. After about A.D. 1450, the site was abandoned until European settlers arrived. All the level areas were extensively farmed from the 1820s until the park’s establishment about 1930. Still, cattle grazed the site until the 1960s. The Douglass Nature Trail allows you to enjoy this experience from a level boardwalk that takes you from ground level to treetop height in this wonderful interlude with nature.


As many children and adults alike have discovered over the years, the ring road at Moundville Archaeological Park is a great place to ride a bike! Bring your bicycle and enjoy the park from a new perspective. (While on the pavement, please obey all the normal rules and laws for bicyclists.)